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Just when we all thought that our cultural obsession with Marie Kondo had finally tapered off, she’s suddenly all over my newsfeed again, thanks in large part to her new Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

Yes. I’ve been watching it too. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I’ve spent the last month cleansing and yoga-ing – why not throw decluttering into the mix too?

Of course, I approached the show with a wee bit of skepticism. I, like over 7 million other people, read her book a couple of years back. At that time, I found her process way too prescriptive. I remember thinking, “There’s no way I’m spending hours folding shirts into little standing bundles.”

But I love a make-over as much as the next person, so decided to have a look. Firstly, the show could be carried by Marie herself just speaking in Japanese. There’s something incredibly gentle and soothing in listening to her talk. I’m thinking of developing an app that features recordings of people quietly speaking Japanese. It could be used to soothe nervous fliers or cranky babies or insomniacs.

Otherwise, the series is pretty formulaic. Each episode features a different family. We viewers get to be properly horrified by the amount of stuff other people have. (You know you’ve got a problem when you’ve can’t find the pool table.) Then Marie walks them through her steps and categories. There is a lot of talk about sparking joy. Then lots of tidying is done. There are tears. Everyone is happy.

Last week, as I waded through yet another mountain of laundry at home, I decided to try her folding method with just Lark’s little shirts. As an experiment. My daughter’s room is tiny, with no space for a dresser, so anything I can do to maximize storage is key.

I’m terrible at origami but this I can do.

Well, well, well. Once I put everything away, I was so pleased with how easy it is to see her things, that I immediately did my son’s drawers too. He loves it. It actually increased the available space in their drawer and we no longer have that unworn T-shirt that is forever neglected at the bottom of the stack.

Now let’s wait about 6 months and see if this sticks.

(Hear Marie Kondo being interviewed on CBC Radio)

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