A Deed A Day: Not much Action


So. It appears that I have been taking a month-long break from good deeds. Not that I haven’t done anything nice for anyone, but I have been off on holidays, which means I have been mostly managing my husband and son whilst feeding myself ice-cream.

During this hiatus from deed-doing I have had many more lovely deeds done for me than by me. People have made me meals, paid for dinners, looked after my kid, and generally been nice. The deed of the Chicago Chocolate Chip Cookie Lady stands out.

On our way to aforementioned holidays, my family had a brief stop in Chicago which turned into a manic sprint through O’Hare to make it to the next gate in time for our connection. Arriving there, we realized the flight wasn’t even boarding yet, so I had a few minutes to scavenge some food for the boys. Bean requested a chocolate chip cookie. He asked for it like the world would end if he didn’t get one. He was cranky and tired and didn’t care what happened as long as he got that cookie.

It was a make-or-break kind of cookie.

I found a sandwich place and quickly ordered some sandwiches. They had some wrapped chocolate chunk cookies. The ingredient list revealed high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Two things very high on my list of Foods Not to Feed my Child. I can do better than this, I thought. I grabbed my sandwiches and began speed-walking through the terminal on a cookie mission. I had a few minutes to get back to the gate.

I got in line at a bakery-type place and saw that they had cookies. Yay! They had one chocolate chip cookie left. Yay! Then the lady in front of me ordered it. Boo.

When she did so, I actually gasped and said “Oh no!” out loud. She sort of turned around and gave me a weird look, so I said,

“Oh, it’s just that there’s only one chocolate chip cookie left and my son asked for one. It’s okay, though, don’t worry.”

But I think my EYES said:

My son is 5 and he’s a cancer survivor who doesn’t deal with disappointment well due to brain damage sustained in surgery. We are embarking on a 20-hour journey to Australia with a cranky child who only wants one thing right now. This cookie is seriously important to me.

Because then, the woman said, “Oh, you should have it then. I’ll order something else.”

What?! Really? Thank you Chicago Chocolate Chip Cookie Lady!

I thanked her profusely. I returned to the gate in triumph and gave my kid the cookie. Then they called us to board.

All was right with the world.

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