A Deed a Day: #2 Team Bean

I didn’t manage to do a good deed yesterday, although as my friend pointed out, if I made a meal for someone else, that’s a good deed. And yes, I did make dinner for my husband and son, so will give myself a pass.

The reason I wasn’t good-deeding yesterday is that I had to go to the dentist. To have a cavity filled. For the first time in eons. And I forgot how truly awful it is to have your face frozen for the afternoon, and then how truly awful it is to have your face unfrozen and realize how much it hurts. So I spent a large part of yesterday moping, and then slept from 7 to 7.

Back to today’s deed.

I signed up for the annual Sporting Life 10K run in Toronto. This race is an annual fund-raiser for Camp Oochigeas. Camp Ooch is a camp for cancer patients and survivors. Ooch on the 8th is the program at Sick Kids run by Ooch staff, who bring the spirit and fun of camp to what is surely one of the saddest places on Earth – the pediatric oncology ward.

I have run this race twice before, with last year being the first-time that I tried my hand at fund-raising for them, and succeeded in raising $1,780, which is enough to send a child to camp for one week.

That was amazing… but this year I want to aim higher. Not only did I sign up for the race but created Team Bean. There’s no one else on the team yet – but would LOVE any and all of you to join me! If you are not a runner – never fear, neither am I really, we can speed-walk it together. 10K isn’t as far as you think, and the whole thing is practically down-hill.

The race is 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, May 11th 2014. That is also mother’s day – wouldn’t your mum like a good deed done in her name instead of a bouquet of crappy flowers??

This year I am setting the fund-raising goal at $3,500, I welcome all runners and donations. If you want to run with me, you have to register for the race, follow this link to do so:


If you want to make a donation, please follow this link:


Sending so much love and thanks for your help!!


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