A Deed a Day: #1 TerraCycle

So here is Deed #1. This one is a bit of a cheat since I’ve actually already done it – but I want to support this amazing company and I figure spreading the word about them is a thing worth doing.

They are called TerraCycle. They are an American company that has recently branched out into Canada. (and other countries!) What they do, essentially, is try to eliminate waste by recycling or re-purposing garbage that cannot be traditionally recycled.

All you have to do is sign up with the company, join a “brigade” and get ready to send them your household waste. I am a member of the coffee bag and cereal bag brigades – so I collect these things until I have a boxful, print off a free shipping label from their website, and then send them the materials.  They then make these things into other things like park benches and tote bags. The best part is that you can collect points for each shipment you send, and you can use these points to buy various charity gifts – like a Teach a Teen to Cook program for impacted youth, or One Water Container for a vulnerable family.

It is an all around win, win, win. I get to be a do-gooder, the company gets materials to make its products, and people in need receive thoughtful donations. And we stop all that packaging from going to landfill. Love it!

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