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I love fresh starts, and new beginnings. There’s nothing quite so appealing as the promise of a New Year, with 365 pristine days spread out before us, all holding so much potential.

This year, I always think, is my year. I’m definitely going to get it right this time! I’m going to get enough sleep, start exercising, and stop stuffing my face with Chicago Mix at midnight. I’ll study another language, plan exotic travel and become the most amazingly serene parent ever. I’ll finally finish that book I’ve been working on for, well, ever, and while I’m at it, I’ll declutter the house.

2019. It’s amazing how, with a pop of a cork and the whizzing of fireworks, we are suddenly in an entirely new era. We kick the dust of 2018 from our feet, and leave our sorrows behind us, marching forward into the New Year with all of our resolutions shiny and intact. Until the end of January, anyway.

As much as I love this new-leaf feeling, I also know that something not-so-great can lurk under that promise of fresh starts. I can’t do all the things at once, and when, by mid-February, the daily yoga practice has dropped off, and many a project has fizzled, it’s easy to think, “Oh well, this year’s broken. I guess there’s always 2020!”

So rather than taking off like a rocket, this year I’m making some really small, daily changes. I am actually going to try to get more sleep.

I was very tempted to just scrap this blog altogether and start a sparkling new one for the ultimate clean slate. Instead, I’m doing some tinkering, and clean-up, putting in some work and making some changes.

I’m wishing you all a very happy 2019. I hope January is off to a beautiful start. This can be your year too. Come back and visit me often. There are many exciting things to come!

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