5 Bits and Pieces for Parents

The Internet is full of parenting hacks, some of which are amazing. Many others wander off into completely ridiculous territory. For example, “vacuum ponytail.”

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Memories of Flowbee, anyone?

By no means do I consider myself to be an expert in the arena of parenting. I’m just muddling through and trying to figure everything out like the rest of us, but here are some useful bits I’ve put together along the way.

Keep Band-Aids in your wallet. So. Necessary. And then you look like a rockstar when you pull them out over a scraped knee.

Repurpose a small bottle for juice or yoghurt in lunches = no juice box/container headed to landfill AND less sugar for the kids.

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Tape a large piece of paper to the floor, and leave out a box of crayons for your kids to colour or draw whenever they like.

You probably keep a basket by the door to store mitts, hats, sunscreen, etc., BUT also keep extra pairs of socks in there. My kids are always taking off their socks, which I always seem to notice just as we are rushing to go out.

Keep cups in a low cupboard or drawer so that your children can help themselves to a drink from a young age.

I’d love to hear some of your best parenting hacks and life solutions too – post in the comments!

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